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Japanese Hot Pot Dishes - Japanese Food - About.com
A variety of hot pot dishes are cooked in Japan. Here are some of them.
Recipe for Oden, the Japanese Version of Hot Pot - Japanese Food
This recipe for oden is for a Japanese-style hot pot dish. Normally considered to be a winter dish, it includes various ingredients like daikon radish, boiled eggs ...
Yudofu - Japanese Food - About.com
Yudofu is a hot pot dish. ... a donabe (earthenware pot) and fill the pot about three-fourths full with water. ... Add tofu in the pot and simmer until cooked through.
Top 25 Tips for Cooking Chinese Hot Pot or Fondue - Chinese Food
Learn how to make hot pot, the Chinese version of fondue, and try some recipes including classic Mongolian Hot Pot and Korean Bulgogi.
Hot Pot Cooking - Chinese Food - About.com
Chinese Hot Pot Cooking: Find out more about cooking hot pot, the Chinese version of fondue, and try some recipes.
Chinese Beef Hot Pot Fondue Chinoise Recipe - Chinese Food
Fondue Chinoise - this recipe for hot pot, the Chinese version of fondue, features flank steak cooked in a simmering broth, accompanied by spicy dips.
New Year's Mongolian Hot Pot With Lamb Recipe - Chinese Food
A classic northern Chinese dish, Mongolian Hot Pot is traditionally made with mutton. The easiest way to prepare the broth is simply to purchase a leg of lamb ...
Mongolian Hot Pot Recipe With Chicken and Shrimp - Chinese Food
Mongolian hot pot recipe - chicken, shrimp and red snapper are featured in this festive mongolian hot pot recipe.
Traditional Lancashire Hotpot Recipe - Great British Food & Irish Food
Lancashire Hotpot is one the most famous (but not only) dish to come out of the north-western county of England. It is hearty and filling and cheap to make.
Shabu Shabu (Japanese Hot Pot with Beef) Recipe - Japanese Food
This recipe for shabu shabu or Japanese hot pot with beef is comprised of thinly sliced meat and other ingredients cooked in a skillet at the table.
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