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Do You Crave Sugar When You're Not Even Hungry? - Nutrition
May 28, 2014 ... All of my family likes sweets, and I've tried to avoid them. If I do eat sweets, I usually will have some dates or a Clif Bar, but sometimes I'll just eat ...
Sweet Hospitality - Greek Spoon Sweets - Greek Food - About.com
A traditional and delightful Greek custom is the offering of spoon sweets to guests as a symbol of hospitality. They are called spoon sweets because the usual ...
Recipes for Traditional Greek Spoon Sweets - Greek Preserves
Spoon sweets are made with fruit and vegetables, cooked with sugar to create a syrup. Because they are so sweet, they are served by the spoonful, hence the ...
Greek Holiday Sweets and Desserts Photo Gallery - Greek Food
Greek Christmas and New Year's are celebrated with sweets. Enjoy these photos of holiday season cookies, cakes, pastries, and more, with links to recipes.
Spoon Sweet Seasons - Greek Food - About.com
Seasonal cooking is a basic element of Greek cooking, and spoon sweets ( syrupy preserves) are no exception. Some fruits, vegetables, and nuts need to be  ...
Enjoying Sweets When You Have Diabetes - Type 2 Diabetes
You can enjoy sweets when you have type 2 diabetes -- you just have to be a bit more careful about your selections. Get strategies for taking the worry out of ...
Nutcracker Ballet - Land of Sweets in The Nutcracker Ballet
In the second act of The Nutcracker Ballet, Clara and the prince arrive at the Land of Sweets.
Recipes for Greek Desserts, Pastries, and Sweets - Greek Food
It is possible to eat fabulous Greek sweets during Lent and other periods of " fasting" (as it's called in Greek) while keeping with the Greek Orthodox dietary ...
Traditional Greek Orange Peel Spoon Sweet Recipe - Syrupy ...
Serve this delightful sweet of orange peel in syrup in the traditional way - by the spoonful - and it goes wonderfully well with chocolate! Few ingredients.
Cherry Spoon Sweet - Greek Food - About.com
This is one of the most colorful of the spoon sweets (preserves served by the teaspoonful), turning a delightful clear red when finised. Use a cherry pitter, cherry ...
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