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Green Tea - Japanese Tea

Learn about Japanese green tea from these resources.

Green Tea
Kinds of Japanese green tea and how to brew green tea.

The Miracle of Green Tea
Describes health benefits of green tea. From About.com Chinese Food.

Introduction to Green Tea
Information on green tea. From About.com Coffee/Tea Guide.

Green Tea Recipes
Here are great green tea recipes listed on About.com. From About.com Guide to Coffee/Tea.

Matcha Green Tea Smooothie Recipe
It's a quick matcha smoothie recipe from About.com Guide to Coffee/Tea.

Summer Green Tea Latte
Instructions on how to make a frozen green tea latte. From About.com Guide to Coffee/Tea.

How to Whisk Matcha
Step-by-step instructions on how to whisk matcha green tea. From About.com Guide to Coffee/Tea.

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