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Holidays & Traditional Recipes

Links to information about holiday and traditional Japanese foods, including regional foods.
  1. Japanese Regional Food (4)
  2. Nabe & One Pot (10)
  3. New Year's Food (9)
  4. Tradition / Ingredient (12)

Japanese Moms' Dishes
Cook Japanese moms' dishes on Mother's Day!

Japanese Girl's Day Food
Includes recipes for a Japanese Girl's Day party.

Tsukimi - Moon Viewing
About moon viewing in Japan - tsukimi

Sekihan - Japanese red rice recipe.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Dessert Recipes
A list of tasty chocolate desserts for Valentine's Day. From About.com American Food.

Easy Valentine's Chocolate Dessert Recipes
Lists easy chocolate desserts for Valentine's Day. From About.com Busy Cooks.

Colorful sushi which is served in a large plate.

Osaka-style Okonomiyaki
A recipe to make Osaka-style okonomiyaki.

Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki Recipe
Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki recipe - Japanese recipe - Japanese okonomiyaki.

Sakura Mochi (Cherry Blossom Sweet Rice Cakes)
Sakura Mochi for Japanese Girls' Day

Mame Gohan (Rice with Green Peas)
Mame gohan is a Japanese side dish of steamed rice mixed with green peas.

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