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Japanese cuisine is characterized by many traditional dishes which are enjoyed during special holidays, as well as on a daily basis. The culture of Japan is heavily entwined with many traditional and holiday based dishes, and I encourage you to explore its many wonders through the articles and recipes available in this section. If you're ready to taste some of the delicious traditional foods of Japan, and learn more about the Japanese culture, my hope is that you don't hesitate and delve right in!
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Traditional Japanese Breakfast

What composes a traditional Japanese breakfast? It differs significantly from that of a Western breakfast. Listed below are dishes that typically comprise a Japanese breakfast. 


Sushi is one of the most well-known Japanese food. In Japanese cuisine, sushi indicates dishes that use sushi rice, which is seasoned with a sweet vinegar mixture. There are various forms of sushi.

Hot Pot Dishes

Hot pot dishes are easily cooked in one large pot and are quite popular in Japanese cuisine. One of the joys of eating hot pot dishes is that the pot is cooked on a portable range on the dining table and enjoyed family style while everyone takes individual portions from the pot. 

Desserts & Confectionery (Wagashi)

Japanese cuisine is characterized by traditional confectionery known as wagashi which is served with tea. There are also many desserts with a distinctly Japanese flair. Explore the many recipes available below.

Holidays | Special Occasions

Holidays and celebrations are a very important part of Japanese culture and often these special occasions involve traditional foods and desserts. Learn more about Japanese holidays, food, and recipes by reading the articles below.

Popular Restaurant Dishes

Many Japanese dishes have become popularized due to the increasing accessibility of Japanese restaurants in the West. Listed below are popular restaurant items that you might want to try making at home.

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