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Links to traditional Japanese cakes and more cakes.

Daifuku Recipe
A recipe for Japanese daifuku - traditional Japanese cakes.

Video - Japanese Green Tea Sponge Cake: Kasutera
Shows how to make s Japanese kasutera cake.

Green Tea Pound Cake Recipe
It's an easy recipe to make green tea pound cake.

Video - Making Japanese Rare Cheesecake
Let's make a Japanese-style no-bake cheesecake.

Manju Recipe
Manju is a traditional Japanese steamed cake.

Japanese Christmas Cake
A typical Japanese Christmas cake with strawberries.

How to Make Green Tea Pound Cake
Shows how to make Japanese green tea cake.

Rare Cheesecake Recipe
Japanese-style cheesecake recipe. You don't have to bake to make this cake.

Sataumaimo Chakin Shibori (Japanese Sweet Potato Cakes)
A recipe for satsumaimo chakin shibori - Japanese sweet potato cakes.

Dorayaki Recipe
Japanese-style pan cakes with sweet azuki beans filling.

Green Tea Flavored Rare Cheesecake
A recipe to make green tea flavored rare cheesecake.

A recipe to make kasutera or castella, a traditional Japanese cake.

Green Tea Kasutera Recipe
A recipe to make green tea kasutera cake.

Green Tea & Coconut Cake
It's a healthy cake flavored with green tea powder and coconuts. From About.com Thai Food.

Kabocha Manju Recipe
Steamed cakes with sweet kabocha filling.

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