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Desserts & Wagashi (Japanese Sweets)

Recipes for Japanese desserts and traditional wagashi (Japanese sweets). 
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Tempura Fried Ice Cream
See how to fry ice cream with just a few simple ingredients.

Video - Making Strawberry Daifuku
Daifuku is a traditional Japanese cake. Strawberry daifuku uses fresh strawberries and azuki red bean paste.

Strawberry Daifuku Recipe
It's a recipe to make daifuku cakes with strawberry filling.

Orange Kanten Jelly
A recipe to make orange kanten.

Yokan Recipe
Yokan is sweet azuki beans jello which is a traditional Japanese sweet.

Grapefruit Jelly
Grapefruit jelly recipe - Japanese summer dessert recipe.

Matcha Kanten Azuki Shiratama Dessert
A recipe to make Japanese matcha kanten jelly azuki shiratama dessert.

Japanese-style Custard Pudding Recipe
Japanese-style custard pudding recipe - Japanese dessert recipes

Coffee Jelly
Coffee jelly is an easy dessert to make.

Ujikintoki Kakigori
A recipe to make ujikintoki kakigori .

Pan-fried Rice Cakes
A recipe to make rice cakes with leftover Japanese steamed rice.

Honey Butter Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream
It's a recipe to make honey butter toast with vanilla ice cream.

Green Tea Ice Cream Recipe
A popular dessert to be served at Japanese restaurants.

Anmitsu Recipe
Anmitsu is a cool dessert with fruits, kanten jelly, and sweet azuki beans.

Azuki Shiratama Recipe
Shiratama dumplings with sweet azuki beans.

Kushidango Recipe
A Japanese sweet dumplings recipe.

Green Tea Sorbet Recipe
A recipe to make green tea sorbet - Japanese cool desserts.

Sweet Green Tea Sauce Recipe
A recipe to make sweet green tea sauce.

Shu Cream Recipe
Shu cream is Japanese-style cream puff.

Green Tea Chocolate Ball Recipe
A recipe to make green tea chocolate balls.

Green Tea Mousse Recipe
Green tea mousse recipe - a Japanese cool dessert.

Green Tea Cookie Recipe
How to make green tea cookies - Japanese sweets.

Sakura Mochi (Cherry Blossom Sweet Rice Cakes)

Chimaki - Sweet Rice Dumpling with Soy Bean Powder
Chimaki is a sweet rice dumpling that is enjoyed on Japanese Children's Day.

Food and Traditions for Celebrating Japanese Children's Day
Information regarding Japanese Children's Day, food, desserts, and traditions.

Chi Chi Dango Mochi
Bite-sized pillowy soft mini sweet mochi (rice cake).

Okinawa Dango
Okinawa dango is a favorite summer dessert at Japanese Obon festivals and is a cake-like donut hole that is garnished with sweet powder sugar.

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