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Japanese Noodles

There are many different kinds of Japanese noodles and soup in Japan, including yakisoba noodles, ramen, udon, soba, miso soup, and lots more.
  1. Ramen (5)
  2. Soup (21)
  3. Udon / Other Noodles (21)
  4. Yakisoba (3)

A recipe to make omusoba noodles.

Soba Salad
A recipe to make soba salad.

Hiyashi Chuka with Sesame Flavored Dressing
A recipe to make hiyashi chuka noodles with sesame flavored dressing.

Tuna and Daikon Spagetti
A kind of Japanese-style spagetti - tuna and daikon radishes.

Hiyashi Chuka
Hiyashi chuka is like a noodle salad with lots of toppings.

Cold Green Tea Soba Noodles (Cha Soba)
“Cha soba” is a thin Japanese soba noodle infused with green tea or “ocha”, made of buckwheat flour or “soba-ko”, wheat flour or “komugi-ko”, green tea.

Best Japanese Cold Noodles for Summer
Popular chilled Japanese noodle dishes include soba, udon, cha soba, somen, and hiyashi chyuka. These refreshing dishes are simple and easy to prepare.

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