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Japanese Recipes

Lists various Japanese recipes, including traditional Japanese recipes and modern Japanese recipes.

Basic Japanese Recipes - basics for Japanese cooking
A list of basic Japanese recipes - includes Japanese rice recipe and teriyaki and tempura recipe.

Easy Japanese Food
A list of easy Japanese food - easy Japanese recipes.

Japanese Summer Dishes
Here are popular Japanese summer recipes which are good for keeping you cool or beating the heat.

Japanese Spring Dishes
What are spring delicacies in Japanese cooking? Here are popular Japanese springtime recipes.

Japanese Winter Dishes
Various nabe (hot pot) dishes are the most popular winter food in Japan. Here is a list of delicious Japanese winter food which keeps you warm on cold days.

Japanese Autumn Dishes
Autumn is a time of harvest. Here is a list of popular Japanese dishes often cooked in autumn.

Ideas for a Potluck
If you would like to bring a Japanese dish, try one of them.

Bento Lunch Box Dishes

Are you interested in making bento lunch boxes? It's good to avoid perishable food and liquidy food in bento. Here are some of popular bento dish recipes.

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