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Cooking Japanese food might seem intimidating if you've never attempted this before, but not all Japanese dishes are difficult or time consuming. 
  1. Easy Appetizers
  2. Easy Desserts
  3. Easy Noodle Recipes
  4. Easy Rice Bowl Recipes
  5. Easy Salad Recipes

Easy Appetizers

Japanese appetizers can be simple and easily prepared for dinner or special occasions. 

Easy Desserts

Are you looking for a dessert to serve with your Japanese-style meal? These are easy Japanese dessert recipes.

Easy Noodle Recipes

Noodles are a popular dish in Japan, and there are many noodle dishes that can be quickly prepared.

Easy Rice Bowl Recipes

Rice bowls are popular one-dish meals in Japan, and there are many kinds of toppings. Find a quick and delicious rice bowl recipe.

Easy Salad Recipes

Are you interested in making Japanese-style salads? These are simple Japanese-style salad and salad dressing recipes.

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