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Easy Recipes


Cooking Japanese food might seem intimidating if you've never attempted this before, but not all Japanese dishes are difficult or time consuming. Start by trying one of the recipes below, and in no time at all you will find yourself preparing easy, healthful, and delicious Japanese meals.
  1. Easy Appetizers
  2. Easy Salad Recipes
  3. Quick and Easy Rice Dishes
  4. Easy Noodle Recipes
  1. Easy Vegetable Side Dishes
  2. Simple Seafood Recipes
  3. Easy Chicken, Pork and Beef Dishes
  4. Easy Desserts

Easy Appetizers

Japanese appetizers, also called kozara, or small dishes, are often simple  and easily prepared foods. These dishes can be served as an appetizer, a side dish for dinner, or included as a bento (lunch) item. Try an easy appetizer recipe today.

Easy Salad Recipes

There are a wide variety of salads in Japanese cuisine, ranging from cooked to raw vegetables, tofu, and seafood. Many of these recipes are great as an appetizer or side dish. Some dishes can even be enjoyed as a meal. Discover how easy it is to make a Japanese salad with one of the recipes below.

Quick and Easy Rice Dishes

Rice is a staple of Japanese cuisine and is often enjoyed as a side dish or a meal-in-itself. A popular stand-alone rice dish is donburi or rice bowls, while another is sushi. Choose from the selection of easy rice recipes below to see what fits your appetite today.

Easy Noodle Recipes

Noodles, like rice, are a popular dish in Japan, and there are many noodle dishes that can be quickly prepared either hot or cold. Try a noodle recipe as a meal for lunch or dinner.

Easy Vegetable Side Dishes

Vegetables and vegetarian dishes are very common in Japanese cuisine. Learn how to make a simple vegetable dish that can easily accompany a seafood, chicken or beef dish by trying one of the recipes below.

Simple Seafood Recipes

Fish and seafood are staple proteins for the island nation of Japan. A variety of seafood is readily available and often simply prepared. Japanese dishes 

Easy Chicken, Pork and Beef Dishes

Chicken, pork and beef are commonly enjoyed in Japanese cuisine and there are several simple ways to prepare them for an easy, yet delicious meal. Try one of these recipes tonight.

Easy Desserts

Complete your Japanese meal with an easy dessert.  These are easy Japanese dessert recipes.

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