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Japanese Rice & Mochi

Japanese rice recipes and Japanese mochi information.
  1. Fried Rice (5)
  2. Mochi (5)
  3. Rice Bowl (8)

Okaka Onigiri
A recipe to make katsuobushi flavored rice balls.

Yaki Onigiri
A recipe to make yaki onigiri - grilled rice balls.

Takenoko Gohan
A recipe to make takenoko gohan - steamed rice with bamboo shoots.

Takikomi Gohan
A recipe to make takikomi gohan.

Japanese Rice
A quick guide to Japanese rice.

Kurigohan is steamed rice with kuri chestnuts. It's often cooked in fall.

Matsutake Gohan
It's steamed rice with matsutake mushrooms.

Okayu is rice porridge.

Ohagi Recipe
A recipe to make Japanese sweet rice balls.

Rice Ball (Onigiri)
Simple rice balls.

How to make Japanese rice omelet.

Imo Gohan Recipe
A recipe to make Japanese imo gohan - satsumaimo sweet potato rice.

Asian Sticky Rice Recipes
Here is a collection of Asian sticky rice recipes. From About.com Guide to Chinese Food.

Tuna Rice Recipe
Tuna rice recipe - Japanese rice recipes

Pan-fried Rice Cakes
A recipe to make pan-fried rice cakes.

Seasoned Mochigome Rice
A recipe to make seasoned and steamed sticky rice.

Explains what chazuke is and how to make it.

Mame Gohan (Rice with Green Peas)
Mame gohan is a Japanese side dish of steamed rice mixed with green peas.

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