1. Food
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Seaweed salad is a sunomono
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Definition: It generally refers to a variety of vinegared dishes as su means vinegar in Japanese. Vegetables and/or seafood are seasoned with vinegar based dressings. It has a refreshing taste and makes a good side dish to go with various Japanese-style dishes.

The vinegar based dressings vary in flavor, but there are two basic types of dressings: nibai-zu and sanbai-zu. Nibai-zu is basically made with equal amounts of vinegar and soy sauce. Sanbai-zu is made with equal amounts of vinegar, soy sauce, and mirin. The amounts of seasonings are adjusted based on ingredients and individual preferences. Dashi soup stock is often added in vinegar based dressings to soften the flavor. Other seasonings can be added in the dressings to add extra flavors. It's generally said that nibai-zu goes well with seafood.


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