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Salad & Dressings

Many kinds of Japanese salad recipes and Japanese salad dressing recipes.
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Easy Ohitashi (Cooked Spinach) Salad
Easy ohitashi (cooked spinach) appetizer or salad dressed with soy sauce and optional bonito flakes.

Soy Sauce Pickled Cucumbers
Shoyuzuke Kyuri is a Japanese side dish of cucumbers marinated in soy sauce and vinegar. This is one type of tsukemono, or pickled vegetable, in Japanese cuisine.

Chilled Okra Salad
A simple yet elegant Japanese okra salad, chilled to perfection and garnished with dried bonito flakes and soy sauce. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Myoga Ginger Pickled in Miso
White miso pickled Japanese myoga ginger is a simple yet refreshing summer side dish that is bursting with sweet, savory, and vinegary goodness.

Grilled Japanese Eggplant (Yaki Nasu)
Chilled yaki nasu or grilled Japanese eggplant is a delicious and quick summer dish that can easily be incorporated into your Japanese meal.

Japanese Mountain Yam (Nagaimo) Salad
Nagaimo (Japanese mountain yam) salad is an elegant appetizer of raw, crisp yam that can be prepared quickly and is served with soy sauce and simple garnishes.

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