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Japanese Seafood / Fish Recipes

Lists Japanese seafood and fish recipes, including seaweed and shrimp recipes.
  1. Sashimi
  2. Seaweed Dishes (5)
  3. Shrimp Recipes (7)

Stir-fried Cabbage with Tuna
A recipe to make stir-fried cabbage with tuna.

A recipe to make ika geso age.

Chan Chan Yaki
A recipe for chan chan yaki - Japanese salmon hot pot.

Steamed Salmon in Foil Packets
A recipe to make steamed salmon in foil packets.

Deep-fried Mackerel
A recipe to make saba tatsutaage.

Fried and Marinated Aji
A recipe for marinated fried aji.

Kaki Fry (Deep-fried Oyster) Recipe
Deep-fried oyster is called kaki fry in Japanese.

How to Clean Squid
A step-by-step photo tutorial on how to clean squid. From About.com Home Cooking.

A recipe for rice stuffed squid.

Buri Teriyaki Recipe - Yellowtail Teriyaki
Buri - yellowtail teriyaki recipe - Japanese recipes.

Deep-fried Sardines with Ume
A recipe for deep-fried iwashi with ume.

Sake Steamed Clam Recipe
Asarinosakamushi - sake steamed clam recipe - Japanese recipe.

Simmered Unagi with Eggs
A recipe to make simmered unagi and onion with eggs.

Squid and Broccoli Stir-fry
A recipe for squid and broccoli stir-fry - Japanese recipes

Simmered Squid and Satoimo
A recipe to make simmered squid and satoimo taro potatoes.

Unagi - Japanese eel dishes.

Maguro Zuke-don - Tuna Rice Bowl
Maguro (tuna sashimi) and avocado rice bowl.

Unagi Stir-fry Recipe
It's a recipe to make unagi (freshwater eel) stir-fry.

Buridaikon Recipe - Simmered Yellowtail
A recipe for Buridaikon - simmered daikon radish and yellowtail.

Stuffed Squid Recipe
Stuffed squid recipe - Japanese seafood recipe.

Simmered flat fish.

Quick and Easy Seafood Chirashi Sushi
Quick and easy seafood chirashi sushi recipe using a popular short cut for sushi rice

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