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Japanese soup recipes - miso soup and egg drop soup and more.
  1. Miso Soup (6)

Tofu Clear Soup with Carrot
It's a tofu clear soup with carrot and shiitake.

Sake Lees Soup with Salmon
A recipe to make sake lees soup with salmon.

A recipe to make kenchinjiru soup.

Mushroom Soup
It's a recipe to make mushroom soup.

Dashi - Japanese Soup Stock
Dashi is Japanese soup stock - Japanese soup recipes.

Kabocha Soup Recipe
A recipe to make Japanese kabocha pumpkin soup.

Tonjiru is a kind of miso soup with pork and other ingredients.

Kakitamajiru - Egg Drop Soup
Japanese egg drop soup is called kakitama-jiru.

Clam Soup
It's clear soup with hamaguri clam.

Creamy Hakusai Soup
A recipe to make creamy hakusai soup.

Niboshi Dashi
Niboshi dashi is Japanese fish soup stock made from niboshi (dried sardines).

Japanese rice cake soup.

Nira Chive Soup
A recipe to make chive soup with egg.

Konbu dashi Soup Stock Recipe
Konbudashi recipe - Japanese vegetarian soup stock recipe.

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