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Nigirizushi Tamago

Nigirizushi - Tamago

Photo (c) Setsuko Yoshizuka
Sushi is perhaps the most famous Japanese food in the world. The most well-known sushi is the oval shaped sushi, called nigiri-zushi which means hand-pressed sushi. Nigiri-zushi can be made with various toppings and is commonly served in sushi restaurants. Sushi chefs in Japan go through extensive training to learn to make nigiri-zushi.

As the taste of sushi depends on how well the rice is cooked, it's important to make the rice properly. People become regulars to a sushi bar because the taste of sushi rice is suitable to them.

Tips for Making Sushi Rice:

  • Add vinegar mixture to steamed rice when the rice is still hot.
  • Cool the rice quickly using a fan so that it will look shiny.
  • Use a rice spatula to mix the rice, using a cut and fold motion so that you don't smash the rice grains.

There is a kind of nigiri-zushi called gunkan-maki which is a mound of sushi rice wrapped with a strip of nori and topped with various ingredients, such as uni (sea urchin) and ikura (salmon roe). Gunkan means a battleship in Japanese. To make gunkan-maki, shape the rice into an oval and cover the side with a strip of nori seaweed. Then, place toppings on the top.

To eat nigiri-zushi, clean your hands at first and pick up a piece of sushi with your fingers. Then, dip the topping side in soy sauce to eat. Please be careful not to dip rice in soy sauce too much.

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