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Making Temakizushi


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Set the table.
Table Setting for Temakizushi

Table Setting for Temakizushi

Photo (c) Setsuko Yoshizuka
Hand-rolled sushi is called temakizushi. Having your guests make their own sushi might be fun. Guests roll their own sushi, choosing fillings.

Prepare various fillings so that guests have lots of choices. Cut ingredients into sticks or slices, then place them colorfully on a large plate.

Serve prepared sushi rice on a large bowl or a large plate. Put a spatula on the side so that guests can scoop the rice.

Place sheets of nori seaweed cut in halves or quarters.

Set small plates for each guest for putting soy sauce and wasabi. Serve a bowl of pickled ginger on the table if available. It would be nice to prepare a wet hand towel for each guest for cleaning hands.

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