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Tofu Dishes

Tofu is one of the most popular ingredients used in Japanese cooking. Here are some tofu dishes.

Miso soup with tofu
A typical miso soup in Japan. Includes green onion and tofu.

Hiyayakko Recipe
It's a simple cold tofu.

Deep frid tofu.

Introduces you to Japanese tofu dishes and recipes - about Japanese tofu.

Niku Dofu
A recipe for niku dofu - simmered meat and tofu.

Tofu Dengaku
Tofu dengaku recipe - tofu with sweet miso sauce.

Simmered Okara Recipe
Simmered okara (tofu lees) recipe - Japanese recipe.

Ganmodoki Recipe
A recipe to make Japanese tofu fritters - ganmodoki.

A recipe to make atsuageyaki.

Simmered Tofu in Thick Soup
A recipe for simmered tofu in thick soup.

Tofu no Otoshiage (Deep-fried Tofu Balls)
A recipe to make tofu no otoshiage.

Deep-fried Tofu with Mushroom Sauce
A recipe to make delicious deep-fried tofu with mushroom sauce.

Mapo Tofu
It's a popular Szechuan tofu dish. From About.com Chinese Food.

Tofu Salad Recipe
This salad is made with tofu and tomatoes.

Tofu Burger
Uses chicken breast meat and cotton tofu.

Goya Chanpuru
A popular Okinawan cuisine - stir fried goya, pork, and tofu.

Mashed Tofu Salad
It's a traditional mashed tofu salad with various ingredients.

Hitokuchi Agedashi
It's a recipe to make bite-size, deep-fried tofu.

A recipe to make atsuageni.

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