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Japanese Food: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The Quickest, Easiest Tempura Batter
How to make tempura batter. Japanese Food.
7 Foods Served in a Traditional Japanese...
Describes a traditional Japanese-style breakfast.
How to Make Sushi Rice
A recipe for sushi rice. Japanese Food.
How to Make Beef Shabu Shabu, a Japanese...
This recipe for shabu shabu or Japanese hot pot with beef is comprised of thinly sliced meat and other ingredients cooked in a skillet at the table.
How to Prepare Beef Sukiyaki, a Japanese...
A recipe for sukiyaki with beef.
How to Make Teriyaki Sauce With Just 3...
A recipe for teriyaki sauce. Japanese Food.
A collection of pictures of vegetables found in Japan. Page 5.
What's Tempura, and How Can You Make It?
Introduction to Japanese tempura.
Tentsuyu: A Simple Recipe for Tempura Dipping...
It's a recipe to make tempura dipping sauce.
How to Make Gari, the Pickled Ginger Served...
A recipe to make gari - pickled ginger.
What Is Dashi? The Basics on Japanese Soup Stock
Information about dashi, Japanese soup stock.
How to Make Mitarashi Kushi Dango, Skewered...
A recipe to make Japanese mitarashi kushi dango
This recipe for oden is for a Japanese-style hot pot dish. Normally considered to be a winter dish, it includes various ingredients like daikon radish, boiled eggs and more.
A Recipe for Gyudon, Simmered Beef on Steamed...
A recipe for gyudon - beef bowl.
No-Fuss Recipe for Tangy Japanese Ponzu Sauce
Japanese ponzu sauce is very simple to make. Literally translated as vinegar punch, the citrus-based recipe calls for soy sauce, lemon juice, rice vinegar and dashi.
How to Make Kappamaki, Cucumber Sushi Rolls
It's a recipe to make kappamaki.
Easy No-Bake Japanese Rare Cheesecake
Rare cheesecake recipe - Japanese-style no bake cheesecake recipe.
A Basic Recipe for Okayu, Japanese Rice Porridge
A recipe to make plain okayu. Japanese Food.
An Easy Recipe for Delicious Japanese Teriyaki...
A recipe to make teriyaki chicken.
Make Scrumptious Omurice, Japanese Omelet and...
A recipe to make omurice. Japanese Food.
An Easy and Delicious Shoyu Ramen Recipe with...
This shoyu (soy sauce) ramen recipe is quick and relatively easy and uses chicken and Chukamen noodles as its main ingredients in a soup that is salty and tangy but relatively light.
How to Make Panfried Gyoza
A recipe to make pan-fried gyoza.
Makings of a Japanese Meal - All You Need to...
Components of a Typical Homemade Japanese Meal
How to Make Onigiri, Japanese Rice Balls
A recipe to make onigiri rice balls.
How to Make Japanese Fried Noodles with Meat...
A recipe to make yakisoba - fried noodles.
How to Make Boiled Edamame, a Tasty and Healthy...
A recipe to prepare edamame appetizer.
All about Mirin, a Sweet Japanese Condiment
Information on mirin. Japanese Food.
A Super-Simple Sesame Salad Dressing Recipe
A recipe to make sesame flavored salad dressing.
How to Make Delicious Spicy Tuna Rolls
A recipe to make sushi roll with spicy tuna filling.
Make an Impressive Japanese Style Parfait in No...
How to make a Japanese style parfait with tips and ideas.
An Easy Recipe for California Rolls
A recipe to make california roll.
How to Make a Japanese Rice Bowl with Chicken...
A recipe to make oyakodon. Japanese Food.
Heartwarming Japanese Favorite: Japanese...
Japanese cabbage rolls with chicken filling wrapped in tender cabbage leaves and simmered in a delicate tomato soup.
Pick from Among these 15 Best Foods to Include...
List of 15 best bento items to include in your next lunch. Easy recipes to make ahead and enjoy for dinner, as well as a bento lunch the next day.
How to Make Katsudon: Rice Topped with...
It's a recipe to make pork cutlet rice bowl.
Hiyashi Chuka
A recipe to make hiyachi chuka, cold noodles served with lots of toppings, like thin omelette strips, boiled chicken, cucumber, and boiled bean sprouts.
How Do You Make Steamed Rice? A Simple Recipe
A recipe to make steamed rice. Japanese Food.
Ohagi (Botamochi)
It's a recipe to make sweet rice balls.
An Easy Recipe for Delectable Matcha Green Tea...
A recipe to make matcha ice cream.
Introduction to Japanese Food
Describes some characteristics of Japanese food.
Chawanmushi: A Recipe for Steamed Japanese...
A recipe to make chawanmushi. Japanese Food.
How to Make Apple Rabbits
Step by step instructions on how to make apple rabbits.
Easy Tempura Udon Noodles in a Hot Broth;...
Tempura udon is a classic Japanese dish of thick wheat noodles (udon) in a savory hot broth with crisp pieces of tempura vegetables and shrimp.
Learn to Make Miso Ramen Soup With This Easy...
A simple recipe to make miso ramen.
Your Guide to Making Tempura Shrimp
A recipe to make tempura shrimp.
How to Make Tamagoyaki, a Japanese Rolled Omelet
A recipe to make tamagoyaki - rolled omelet.
Learn to Make Takoyaki, Japanese Octopus Balls
A recipe to make takoyaki. Japanese Food.
Elegant Sansai (Mountain Vegetable) Tempura...
Japanese sansai (mountain vegetables) tempura, lightly battered and fried and served with a matcha (green tea) flavored salt.
Celebrate Japanese Children's Day! All You Need...
Information regarding Japanese Children's Day, food, desserts, and traditions.
A recipe for kakiage mixed tempura.
Make Agedashi Dofu: Deep-Fried Tofu in a...
A recipe for agedashi dofu. Japanese Food.
How to Make Japanese Kinpira Gobo: Braised...
Kinpira gobo recipe. Japanese Food.
3 Tips for Holding Chopsticks Properly
Explains how to hold chopsticks.
A collection of pictures of vegetables found in Japan. Page 6.
What Is Ramen?
A guide to ramen in Japan. Japanese Food.
8 Favorite Japanese Bento Lunch Box Dishes
A list of popular dishes for bento.
7 Easy Japanese Dishes You Can Make at Home
A list of easy to make Japanese dishes.
It's a recipe to make dorayaki cakes.
Make Japanese Custard Pudding for a Sweet and...
A recipe to make custard pudding.
Spice Up Dinner with this Easy Spicy Tuna...
Spicy tuna donburi, or don, is Japanese dish of spicy tuna sashimi served atop a bowl of steamed rice or sushi rice.
Japanese Summer Dishes
A list of Japanese summer dishes.
How to Make Okonomiyaki, Savory Grilled...
Okonomiyaki is a kind of pancake in Japanese cooking. This recipe is for the Oasaka-style version of the dish, which can be made and topped with a variety of ingredients.
How to Make Daifuku, a Japanese Cake, with Anko...
A recipe to make daifuku cakes. Japanese Food.
How to Make Miso Soup with Tofu: A Recipe with...
It's miso soup with tofu. Japanese Food.
Easy Ohitashi (Cooked Spinach) Salad
Easy recipe for ohitashi, a Japanese salad of cooked spinach, that is served as an appetizer. It is boiled spinach that is seasoned with soy sauce.
How to Make Creamy Sesame Salad Dressing
A recipe to make creamy sesame salad dressing.
A recipe to make tekkamaki. Japanese Food.
What Is Japanese Teriyaki?
Describes what teriyaki is. Japanese Food.
Simple Kombu Dashi Recipe for Vegetarian Stock
Kombu dashi is one type of vegetarian stock used in Japanese cooking. The word kombu means kelp or seaweed, and the dried variety is the primary ingredient in this simple recipe.
How to Make Japanese Breaded Deep-Fried Pork...
A recipe to make tonkatsu pork cutlet.
Make an Easy Bento with Five Tips for Packing a...
How to Make Bento: Five Easy Tips for Packing a Great Lunch. Information on bento boxes, bento accessories, what to pack in a bento.
Be the "Hostest with the Mostest": Throw the...
All you need to know to easily set-up and host the best temaki sushi (hand roll) dinner or party. Comprehensive list of temaki sushi ingredients and essentials.
How to Make Japanese Miso Soup in 6 Easy Steps
About Japanese miso soup. Japanese Food.
A recipe to make chirashizushi - scattered sushi.
Japanese Holiday for Girls: The Hina Matsuri...
Hina Matsuri means Girls' Day in Japanese. It is also sometimes called Doll’s Day. This is an introduction to the foods commonly associated with the occasion.
Ichigo Daifuku: Sweet Strawberry and Anko...
These are daifuku cakes with strawberry and anko fillings. A regular springtime treat you will make year after year.
Japanese Sauteed Pork Curry with Rice with...
A recipe to make pork curry with rice.
How to Make Your Own Japanese Kabayaki Sauce...
A recipe to make kabayaki sauce.
Sakura Mochi (Cherry Blossom Sweet Rice Cakes)
Sakura mochi is a Japanese dessert that is pink, just like the sakura (cherry blossom flowers) and is made of sweet glutinous rice and filled with a sweet red bean paste. Sometimes it is wrapped in a pickled young sakura leaf.
Easy Japanese Children's Day Dessert: Chimaki...
Chimaki is a sweet rice dumpling that is enjoyed on Japanese Children's Day.
What Is Sunomono? An Intro to Japanese...
Describes what sunomono is. Japanese Food.
Japanese Soy Sauce Eggs (Shoyu Tamago)
Japanese soy sauce eggs (shoyu tamago) are hard boiled and seasoned with soy sauce. They are eaten as a snack, appetizer, or meal. It is also commonly found in bento (lunch box) or as a garnish to Japanese dishes.
What Are Udon Noodles, and How Are They Served?
Information on udon noodles. Japanese Food.
Matcha Green Tea Mousse
This delicious green tea flavored creamy dessert is easy to make and tastes great, too. Here's how to quickly make it.
Sushi Cake
Sushi cake recipe. Japanese Food.
Pan-fried Rice Cakes
A recipe to make pan-fried rice cakes.
What Do People Eat for New Year's in Japan?
Learn more about Japanese osechi-ryori, which are served each year at New Year's and whose dishes vary from region to region in Japan.
Coffee Jelly
A recipe to make coffee jelly. Japanese Food.
Miso paste comes in several varieties and is used in various different ways to make a range of dishes commonly made in Japan. This is some information about Japanese soy bean paste.
A collection of pictures of vegetables found in Japan. Page 4.
Your Guide to Basic Types of Japanese Sushi
Introduction to Japanese sushi. Japanese Food.
A Healthier Alternative to Fried Chicken...
Baked Chicken Karaage is a lighter version of the traditional Japanese fried chicken recipe. The chicken is marinated and then baked.
Japanese Stir Fried Pork Slices in Ginger Soy...
Pork slices are marinated in ginger-flavored sauce and stir-fried.
Addictive Sweet, Tangy, and Spicy Japanese...
Sweet, tangy, and spicy Japanese daikon radish pickles are a delicious side dish to practically any Japanese meal. This recipes is simple and easy to prepare.
Super-Easy Japanese Ground Beef Wontons
Ground beef filled wontons are great as a snack or meal, and always a hit as finger food for parties. It's also a popular Japanese obon festival food in the West.
Easy Tsukemono Recipe: Shoyuzuke Kyuri (Soy...
Shoyuzuke Kyuri is a Japanese side dish of cucumbers marinated in soy sauce and vinegar. This is one type of tsukemono, or pickled vegetable, in Japanese cuisine.
Unagi, or freshwater eel, is widely eaten in Japan. This is a description of how Japanese consume the delicacy based on time of year, custom and other factors.
Simple Japanese Pork Fried Rice Recipe
A recipe to make pork fried rice.
A Flavorful Ginger Salad Dressing Recipe
A recipe to make ginger salad dressing.
Shu Cream
A recipe to make shu cream. Japanese Food.
Everything You Need to Know About Japanese...
Chimaki is a Japanese dumpling filled with various ingredients and often served on Children's Day.
Introduction to Teppanyaki
Teppanayaki is a Japanese method of cooking using an iron plate or teppan to produce a grilled or barbecued dish that may include many kinds of food.
How to Make a Refreshing Cucumber and Wakame...
A recipe to make cucumber and seaweed salad.
Making Udon Noodles
Steps for making udon noodles at home.
Love Seafood? Try Japanese Baked Dynamite
Delicious and rich Japanese restaurant-style dynamite appetizer in individual cups made with mixed seafood and topped with masago (capelin roe) caviar.
How to Prepare Boiled Shrimp for Sushi
Shows you how to prepare shrimp for sushi. Page 2.
The origin of Kasutera is believed to have come from Portuguese missionaries who introduced European sweets to Nagasaki.
Nabeyaki Udon Noodle with Fresh Spinach and...
A recipe for nabeyaki udon with chicken, fishcake (kamaboko) and your choice of toppings. Japanese Food.
Japanese food glossary.
Ideas for a Potluck
A list of Japanese-style dishes for a potluck.
Japanese Rice
A quick guide to Japanese rice. Japanese Food.
Tsukemen: Japanese Dipping Noodles with Toppings
A recipe to make tsukemen noodles.
Homemade Japanese Black Sesame Paste is Easy to...
What is Black Sesame Paste? Black sesame paste, also known in Japanese as “ nuri goma" , is a basic ingredient
Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Rice...
Japanese rice vinegar is a commonly used ingredient in japanese cuisine made from fermented rice or rice wine.
Chicken Tatsuta-age
A recipe to make chicken tatsutaage.
A recipe to make mizuyokan. Japanese Food.
Japanese Ume Pickles
Instructions on how to make umeboshi.
A recipe to make yosenabe hot pot.
Noodle Dipping Sauce
A recipe to make Japanese noodle dipping sauce.
Inarizushi is named for Inari, the Shinto god. It is a common type of sushi and is also known as brown bag sushi because of its fried tofu pouch.
Salmon Fried Rice
A recipe to make fried rice with salmon.
A collection of pictures of vegetables found in Japan. Page 17.
Pickled Ume
Describes pickled ume and the basic making process.
Light Tempura Squid (Ika) Seasoned with...
Tempura squid (ika) is a Japanese dish of battered and deep fried squid.
Goya Chanpuru
Among the best goya recipes is this one for the Japanese bitter melon chanpuru version of the dish, which is made with pork. The stir-fried dish is a specialty in Okinawa.
Stir-fried Cabbage with Tuna
Stir-fried Cabbage with Tuna Japanese Food.
Kinpira Renkon
Kinpira renkon recipe. Japanese Food.
Easy to Make Miso Marinade with Unlimited...
Easy to make miso marinade with unlimited applications!
A recipe to make sweet azuki beans paste.
Sponge Cake with Whipped Cream and Fruits
A recipe to make a sponge cake with whipped cream.
Katsuo Dashi
It's a kind of Japanese soup stock made from bonito flakes.
Japanese Spring Dishes
A list of popular Japanese spring dishes.
Sweet Green Tea Sauce
A recipe to make sweet green tea sauce.
Pan-fried Eggplant with Miso
A recipe to make pan-fried eggplant with miso.
Okaka Onigiri
A recipe to make katsuobushi flavored rice balls.
A recipe to make ganmodoki. Japanese Food.
A recipe to make quick pickles. Japanese Food.
Japanese-Style Beef Skewers Grilled to Perfection
Sophisticated dish of Japanese skewered beef or kushiyaki with bold Asian flavors bursting with savory and sweet goodness. Perfect for grilling season.
Cold Somen
Boiled and chilled somen (thin wheat noodles) are served with dipping soup and various toppings. It's a popular summer meal.
A collection of pictures of vegetables found in Japan. Page 7.
How To Eat Japanese Food
Here are some tips for eating Japanese food.
A quick guide to nigiri-zushi. Japanese Food.
Tender Braised Japanese Daikon is Bursting at...
Simmered or braised dishes, or “ nimono ” are a staple in Japanese cuisine. Vegetables or fish, or a
Chicken Cream Stew
A recipe to make Japanese-style chicken cream stew.
Potato Korokke
A recipe to make korokke. Japanese Food.
Yakisoba Sandwich
A recipe to make yakisoba sandwich.
Try a "Fancy" Rice Ball Filled with Spicy Cod Roe
Karashi mentaiko onigiri is a Japanese rice ball filled with spicy cod roe. It is also called omusubi or musubi. Rice balls are perfect snacks or to include in a bento.
Ujikintoki Kakigori
A recipe to make ujikintoki kakigori .

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