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Readers Respond: Favorite Ways to Eat Natto

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From the article: Natto
Natto (fermented soybeans) is commonly eaten uncooked with various toppings and can be cooked in different ways. What are your favorite ways to eat natto? Below are submissions from readers.

Natto taste good with the red sour plum.

I like to eat natto with the japanese sour plum. Cut the sour plum into small pieces, mix with the natto, and eat it. It tastes good. :)
—Guest :)

favorite ways to eat natto

I love to eat natto with rice and curry, with ochazuke (which is green tea with rice and seasonings), and natto spaghetti (i know it sounds weird, but it tastes really good!)
—Guest Kira


I like to cut kim chi into small bite size pieces and stir into natto. Then I cut into quarter pieces a sheet of nori. I shape the nori into a cone and place cooked rice into the cone, then top it with the kim chi mixed natto. It's pretty and it is delicious!!!!
—Guest ellen

raw egg

To those who is afraid eating raw egg, supermarket sell pasteurized egg in carton, those are often use to make mayonnaise which use raw egg and it perfectly safe to pour on food without cooking
—Guest qverny


juz eat with hot rice! shoyu! wasabi! egg!nori! natto can mix with your salads too!!! with kyuri! carbbages!..美味しい!
—Guest nana

Raw egg and wasabi

I like to crack an egg and mix it with the nato, add some wasabi and soy sauce and pour it over hot sticky rice. Delicious
—Guest Hokaido Style

Favorite way to eat natto

Green onion and raw egg over hot white rice. I can smell it now. I'm only half Japanese, and when I go to Japan and tell my aunts that I'd like to have natto, they are so surprised.


I was born in Japan, My Mom was from the North and Dad was Native American from the service. I use to chase and mimic the Nattoman on his Gidosha (Bike). I loved it as a kid. But I had it with just rice and Shoyu. Never knew any other way with my Dad's income. It was cool to open a fresh stringed brown package and share for our meals with my Grandparents too.
—Guest mainland2104

Favorite way to eat Natto

I like to eat my natto by adding green onion,shoyu,and making it into a sandwich with some lettuce
—Guest gsabe_334hotmail.com

natto oishi

I like my natto on hot sushi rice with chopped green onions, furikake or togarashi, dash soy sauce, and an umeboshi.


Natto with poached eggs, saba shioyaki (Grilled Mackerel), plenty of grated daikon and a veggie side, with rice, of course.
—Guest umioso@yahoo.com

Eating Natto

I eat it over hot rice with soy sauce and pickled apricot sometimes with okai also.
—Guest Joe

Natto Bruschetta

I read a WSJ's article about California-based natto maker. The company has some original recipe and it looks good. I Will try the Bruschetta ■http://www.meguminatto.com/recipe.html

Classic Way

I love eating Natto with just the sliced green onions and Shoyu. That's pretty classic I think. The ones I can buy comes with Japanese mustard and a Tare sauce (a little too sweet for my taste), but/and I never use them. I make my Natto myself most of the time and freeze portions of it for later. My husband likes it with additional bonito shavings (Katsuo Bushi) on the top.
—Guest Opal

Healthy Natto

My mother and I are the only ones who love natto in the family. My mom lives in Japan, but I live in California, and I eat it when I feel like I crave a "homestyle" Japanese breakfast. Now that I know it is a healthy super-food, I am more inclined to eat it. For my Japanese-style breakfast, I top it with grated daikon and minced green onions and a dash of shoyu. I enjoy it with a bowl of miso soup, rice, and a fried egg or grilled salmon. My mother, who is 77, is the healthies person I know and natto is part of her breakfast regimen. She does lots to stay healthy, but I'm certain that natto plays a part in her staying healthy. Go natto!!!

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